Video Game Scripting and Strategy

Technology Summer Camp for Kids

Genre: Technology

Ages: 10 - 14

Cost: $$

Camp Description

Imagine making a movie but in a video game fashion.  You will need to know what needs to happen in what fashion from beginning to end.   Your game characters need to be defined and the outcome of each action needs to be mapped out.

Just as in writing a movie, a video game requires specific strategy and design.  You will need to become a master storyteller via your game and work on engaging your customer “The Player” whether it is a funny or mysterious game.  You will then learn to start programming your game.  However, you will need to continue development further beyond this class.  This class will set the stage for your game and you can continue developing it at the end of the camp.

What they will learn

Cooking skills
Safe use of simple kitchen appliances
Mixing, Kneading and baking bread
Homemade pasta and ravioli

Skills Gained

World Culture
Culinary Skills
Global Citizens
Collaborative teamwork

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