Movie Production

Ages: 8 years +

Base Price: $395

Movie Production

Note: This is a minimum 3 hour party where the shooting and editing takes 2 hours.  45 mins is reserved for editing and 15 mins at the end for viewing the movie.  

“Ready, Camera, Action!” You are certain to hear these words at your Movie Making Birthday Party! The Idea Lab Movie Party will guide your guests through the movie making process as we brainstorm, shoot, and edit our movie in a 3 hour period. The birthday child will meet with the Idea Lab host of the party to determine what type of movie will be made. Movie Produced so far have been: Back to School, Aliens vs Astronauts, Zombie Attack, Despicable Me 3, and so many more. Students will view a rough draft of the cut, before receiving a copy of the Movie 7-14 days following the party. This is a truly unique experience!

What kids take home

Participants will receive a DVD Copy of the movie 7-14 days after the shooting is a wrap!

Mobile Notes: This party can be held anywhere, however, if held inside of a house, access to various parts of the house for different scenery options is very helpful. If it is an outdoor party, movie themes should catered to that restriction. An area to set up and Idea Lab Computer is required for optimal movie editing results.

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