Minecraft Mania

Ages: 7+

Base Price: $295

Minecraft Mania

The creative and exciting world of Minecraft has been turned into an amazing birthday experience. Spend time in the computer lab playing the way you enjoy playing Minecraft with you friends. Options are to play on computers or iPads. Then, unplug from the digital Minecraft world to explore Minecraft art and science. This is an awesome party for the avid Minecraft player, and you party guests will be guided throughout the whole process.

What kids take home

Pick from:  Minecraft Torch, Creeper Slime

Mobile Notes: We bring the Computer Lab to you with our 1 hour Mobile Minecraft Party. One piece of technology is brought for each child participating, and all the requirements for the art and science projects will be included. Access to outlets is needed to  ensure a great experience.  Wifi will be helpful, however Idea Lab can provide a hotspot if party is held at a location without a Wifi spot.   

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