JR LEGO Robotics

Ages: 4-8

Base Price: $295

JR LEGO Robotics

Utilizing the Beginners LEGO Robotics tools, Idea Lab will host a  LEGO Robotics workshop for your birthday child and guests, ages 5-8. Hands on engagement with LEGO WEDO Robotics, as well as a LEGO Cooking activity, and other LEGO Building Challenges, your guests will get a truly full LEGO experience. Depending on the number of guests, groups will rotate through LEGO Robotics, LEGO Cookie Cooking, and LEGO Building Challenges, all guided by the Awesome Idea Lab Birthday Staff!

What kids take home

Take Homes: The LEGO Cookie (unless they are devoured at the party!)

Mobile Notes: Access to outlets and WIFI will help the experience of the party.  Idea Lab will bring the rest!

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