See What's With All The Buzz!

The Idea Lab is a youth enrichment facility dedicated to providing the best child care in the form of After school and Camp programs.
Our programs have more than 3 years of proven success, and the growth of our outreach is only just beginning. Get ready for an Idea Lab near you!

Summer Camps By Location

Summer Technology Camps

Discovering the Digital Age is made easy with our Camps.

Summer Science Camps

Science the art of shaping while indulging curiosity

Summer Cooking Camps

Perfect for Inspiring Your Little Chefs Culinary Creations.

Summer Engineering Camps

Geared towards developing your child's innovative minds.

Summer Art Camps

Harnessing your child's Imagination, catching their creativity in art.

Summer Immersion Camps

Expanding your Child's Mind by Immersing them in an Enriched Environment

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