IDEA Lab Kids STEAM Camps

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Idea Lab Kids provides STEAM (STEM + Arts) camps ranging from Cooking School, Robotics, Drones, 3D Printing, Art Studio, Coding Programming, Movie Production, Engineering, and Science. At IDEA Lab Kids Rock you Grey Matter STEAM Camps, campers learn through inquisitive hands-on activities utilizing Science, Math, Critical thinking Skills and a great deal of IMAGINATION!
Camps at IDEA Lab Kids provide tools for kids to engage in the complete design process and learn through design based learning methodology.
Camp Options: Full Day | Half Day plus optional extended hours for Before and After camp care
Camp age groups: Preschool - Lower Elementary - Upper Elementary - Middle School
Catered Lunch Options are available at most locations

Tons of mind-blowing STEAM / (STEM + Arts) options to pick from Preschoolers to Middle Schoolers

Girls Rule in these STEAM camps as they explore project-based learning from science to engineering. STEAM Girls Rule!
Explore Robotics from VEX to EV3 and more! Design, Build, Program, Race and complete challenges with Robots.
Design, Build, Tinker and more.. From micro computer coding to circuits.
Chemistry, Explosions and Reactions. Jr. Scientists Mix, Measure and Pour.
3d printing from Science to Cooking applications. Learning to design using 3D modeling software and watching your design come to life.
Coding for all ages. Java, Python, Scratch, Arduino and more. Coding is the future.
Budgeting, Planning, Presentation Skills. Business camps for all ages.
Test your brain power in our fun and mind-bending camps! Math with puzzles, codes and brain twisters.
Measuring, Pouring, and Mixing as Jr. Chef’s learn to cook and create recipes.
Engineering, Aviation, Building, even Photography. Drone engineering camps for the novice drone pilot to the advanced!
Movie Production, Website design & Graphic Arts.
Calling Superheroes & Villains engineering camps - Build and Design Spy Gadgets! Lie Detectors - Tripwires & more!

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